Groov EPIC connecting to ABB Modbus TCP and Network switch/router?

So I am looking to connect the Groov EPIC to several ABB drives over Modbus TCP. Since the EPIC has a network port. Does the Groov EPIC assign IP Address to connected network ABB devices? I am looking to understand if I need a switch or router.

No. the EPIC does not have a DHCP server in it, it can not and does not hand out (assign) IP addresses to any other network device.
It is a client, just like the ABB devices, it needs to be either assigned a dynamic IP address or you need to enter a static one.

So, switch or router? It depends.
If you can manually assign static IP addresses to the ABB stuff, then you can just get a switch and setup your own little static IP address network.
If you cant enter static IPs to the ABB stuff, then you will need a router or DHCP server on the network.
The EPIC will play nice either way.
Going to a router will introduce other network challenges if you need to join it to another network, but you might already be across that.

@Beno I will get with my engineer and look into the ABB side of things and make a the appropriate call. Thanks for the guidance.

If you use DHCP for the ABB drive, make sure they have a “static lease” so that they get the same address all the time, but I don’t recommend this route.

Best is to just assign static IPs. It would be a bad day for a drive to get a different address and then you aren’t controlling the correct VFD anymore.

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