Groov Epic CoDeSys and Beijer X2

Hi All,

I’m attempting to program the Groov Epic (GRV_EPIC_PR1) with CoDeSys and utilize the Beijer X2 Extreme as the HMI. I’ve set Controller1 as a CoDeSys ARTI device and I’ve run into an incompatibility issue.

The issue I’m having is that Opto22 and CoDeSys have a required login security feature. When speaking to Beijer support they informed me Ix Developer does not support users resulting in the error “Controller 1: 1: Login failed”.

They instructed me to “Reset Origin Device” to relinquish user mapping, but of course I’m just asked to recreate a user account when attempt to connect to the PLC. Beijer has supported CoDeSys devices for a long time, which leads me to believe this is a quirk of Opto’s implementation of CoDeSys.

Has anybody ran into this and come up with a solution or can point me to what I’m doing wrong?
IE, should I be using SoftControl?

I’m fairly new to CodeSys setups so anything would help.
Thank you,

Did you try the steps here from the codesys help section on disabling user management?


No, of course not. That would have been the correct thing to do.
The instructions on the CoDeSys site worked like a charm without issue or quirk.

Thank you, Greichert.


Great! Glad it worked!