Groov EPIC and groov RIO symbols missing in opto22 svg library

Dear groov view svg library designers

Bit disappointed to only find svg symbols for PAC I/O and groovBox in the Opto22 SVG library symbols section. Could we have groov-EPIC, groov EPIC on GRV-EPIC-CHS0 and groov RIO symbols added. They are very helpful when trying to include a network layout arquitecture drawing in groov VIEW. Thanks

svg groov image

Hey George, thanks for the heads up on our oversight there…

Just added the following;

In case those following along want to find them…
They are on the SVG page;

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Wow. Thanks a lot, impressive turnaround on that request. As we are on a run here, why not add the 8 chassis and 16 chassis? :slightly_smiling_face:

We plan to, just wanted to get the ones you asked for done fast!

@gmitchell Your wish is (sometimes) our command.

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Impressive. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: I’m sure people will find them useful.