Groov Epic and Groov Rio Communication Lost

Hi all, Currently we have a setup with groov epic as main controller and groov rio as remote io. We have pid loop running for temperature and humidity in groov rio.
What if the groov rio lost its communication from groov epic? (Ethernet cable disconnected) When I disconnect the groov rio the pac control stops running stating no response. The only way to control the groov rio is using groov manage? or nodered?

When the strategy loses communication to an IO unit, it does not automatically re-enable communication in case some action needs to be taken by the strategy when the IO unit comes back online.

You have to check for this in your strategy and attempt to enable communications.

Opto has a chart that makes this automatic that you can import into your strategy: Opto22 - I/O Enabler for Ethernet, SNAP PAC, and Multifunction mistic Brains

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And the PID will keep running with the Ethernet cable disconnected.
No need to control the RIO as such when the network is down, but it depends on what else you have going on in the EPIC driving the RIO outputs… But in short, the PID loop will keep running no problem.

Your question has been well answered in this thread. I think you and your co-workers would get a lot of out reviewing it:

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I already have implemented the io enabler. Just needed to know what happens if the rio ethernet is disconnected.

Thanks beno for the suggestions. Already the auto io enabler has been implemented. Just out of curiosty needed to understand what happens if the ethernet cable is unplugged.

The RIO has a two port switch, put a fixed IP in a laptop or PC and plug into the second RIO port, watch the PID and I/O when the Ethernet is plugged in, then pull the main feed into the RIO and you will see exactly what happens on the laptop when the main Ethernet is unplugged.