Groov EPIC 3.6.0 Firmware released

Firmware greetings Opto forum fans.

Everyone here at Opto22 is hard at work on some very cool updates that we will talk about in due course.
But in the meantime, we have a new firmware release that you should check out.

3.6.0 is a really solid quality-of-life update. Let’s do the usual rapid-fire bullet point review, and you can always dig into the official readme if you want more details.

  • Added WPA-2 Enterprise Wifi
  • Update Node-RED to 3.1.7 (Same version of nodejs as 3.5.x firmware)
  • Update Java JDK To 8.0.402
  • Upgrade CODESYS Controller to
  • Upgrade Ignition Edge 8.1 MQTT Transmission and Opto 22 driver modules to version 4.0.21
  • Remove Ignition Edge 7 from PR1 firmware (Can still download Ignition 7 or 8 firmware via your manage.groov portal)
  • Enhance the MMP server log message timestamp resolution from seconds to milliseconds
  • Improve groov View license error reporting and user experience
  • Display more info about strategy in flash memory in groov Manage
  • Improve ‘read all strings” PAC Control API call (Faster and more robust)
  • “Generate N Pulses” command with N set to zero no longer starts the TPO function
  • Fixed Node-RED Dashboard user API key causes -401 error
  • ‘Download Support Info” no longer produces truncated files
  • Now and then you may have seen explosion emoji characters (:boom::boom::boom:) in groov Manage - yeah, we fixed that in this update
  • Deleted and sticky OPC UA tags and values update issues in the Data Service and PAC Control fixed
  • MQTT payload compression causing frequent rebirth messages has been fixed

In groov View:

  • SSL port for groov Server for Windows using port 443 documentation has been updated
  • Fixed that trend downloads only had human timestamps (if selected) for trends that had more than one pen
  • Fixed that large projects would timeout when being uploaded
  • OPC UA tag timeouts when opening large folders has been addressed
  • Computed tags only showing the first 50 tags has been fixed
  • Fixed that you could not select Codesys string variables in groov View tag browser

Like always, you can download this update for free from your portal.
In a week or three you will see the same(ish) update become available for groov RIO