Groov EPIC 3.4.1 Firmware Released

We have had to push out a quick firmware turn for the EPIC, take a read of this thread and see if it applies, if not, you can skip this update pretty safely…

  • No Ethernet link after installing EPIC 3.4.0 firmware on Eth0 when connected to a 10Base-T network. (No workaround - other than upgrade your network hardware).
  • OPC UA does not accept connections to localhost (only localhost.localdomain:14840/groov will accept connections).
  • OPC UA tags cant not be read when using an administrator account. (Create a non-admin account and use that user/pass in the OPC UA setup)

As you can see, other than the 10mbit network issue, there are workable workarounds. Hence you don’t need to update your firmware if you can live the workarounds.

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