Groov EPIC 2022

Hi all, I bought my first Groov in late 2019. Just wanted to put up a thread with a few queries on a new project.

I want to run Edge 8.1.19 (more likely .20 by the time I get a PO) with Perspective.

With Edge, you can run one session on the localhost and one remote.

Can this be done on the Groov? I.e, a touchscreen on HDMI with a Perspective session (be it Workstation or in a Browser), running on the Groov… plus one more remote.

Is there any limitation on the quantity of GroovView (remote) sessions I can run?

The groov EPIC firmware is a monolithic update. We do this to be able to test all software updates for compatibility. In future releases we will be updating to the latest version that we have tested internally(currently at 8.1.17).

You can run the Edge Panel license on the groov EPIC. We do not support running a local client(perspective) via the front display or external monitor. You would be limited to 1 external client.

To your last question, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can run.

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Thanks @greichert. Are there any plans to add this in future? Whilst IA say: “buy the license from Opto, it is cheaper because you are paying for it in the hardware”, it isn’t really if you are getting 50% less clients.

This makes the proposal more attractive in license costs, however adds development time doing certain features in GroovView and others in Ignition.

Another query, the PR2 is rated for Ignition 8, due to the extra memory. Is this only for “full-blown” Ignition?

Can Edge 8.1.17 run on a PR1?

There are no immediate plans for this addition.

To the license cost, our license is NOT the Ignition Panel license. Our license, GROOV-LIC-EDGE8 is similar to the Ignition Edge IIoT license with the added Cirrus Link Opto 22 EPIC and SNAP driver included. The Edge Panel license is a separate license from Inductive Automation.

The groov EPIC PR2 has additional memory and SSD space to accommodate the larger installation size of Ignition 8. Both PR1 and PR2 can run “full-blown” Ignition, but be aware that these are Edge gateway devices, and should be treated as such. Inductive Automation has a server architecture document discussing this.

Thanks for the clarification. I haven’t crunched the numbers yet, but with that information, it probably rules out using a Groov for this architecture then. This is for power monitoring, so I don’t want to use MQTT/SparkPlug B. If a KW value remains the same for 5 logging intervals in a row, I need to know that.