Groov Demo Login Information

Ok, so I have been creating a Groov project for about a month now. It is only in demo or trial mode. Usually when I come home from work, I’ll bring it up and stop/start the server and I can continue building and testing my application. However, today I came home and it is asking for my user name and passsword. I can’t seem to find or remember that information. Is there a way to get beyond this or at least recover the trial project I have been making? Uninstall and reinstall groov server??

In short. No.
We make it really really really clear in the documentation that if you forget the user/pass, we cant get it back for you. (And neither can you).
The best you can do is delete the project.grv file in the groov directory and start from scratch.
The fact that it was in demo mode did/does not impact anything. Its the full version with nothing going on other than the 2 hour limit. Restarting the service is the right way to keep getting more time… It will not impact on the user/pass as its baked into the project.

Sorry, but security matters… “If its easy, its not secure”.

Ouch… that stings a little, but I’ll be alright…(Happy Gilmore)

Is there a limit to how many times I can guess the username and password? I am 99.9999% sure the password is Groov_2017. I just can’t recall the username.

…I wish I was taller.

No limit on the number of guesses.
Good luck.

How to reset groov Server password in 19 simple steps :wink:

Edit: PM me if you need to know the steps. :innocent: