Groov date time gadget

Any chance we can get a date/time picker for groov?

I would expect it to read and write from a PAC Control table in the Opto date/time table format. There should also be options for just the date, just the time, and both with various international formats.

Something like this that is from jquery-ui:


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We’ve had that as a feature request for awhile, but there’s no particular ETA for it at the moment.

It would greatly simplify a lot of code - think about how many gadgets need to be placed on a groov screen to allow the user to enter the date and time and/or the parsing work required on the strategy side.

Something that should take a minute to do (if date/time gadget existed), now can take hours to get setup and working correctly and adds a lot of technical debt to our projects. Scheduling is very challenging on Opto, it would be nice to have more tools to make it easier.


Let me second that as someone who’s going through the throws of date/time implementation.

Dilly Dilly!
Also, some sort of table gadget and a drop down menu gadget.

I could sell more groovs today if we had this feature.

I have EPIC setup, and been running continuously for a month now monitoring machine states.
I have one timer for each machine state. Guess what, timer resets to zero, at restart, or every time you download a PAC Control program.

If you expect EPIC to run full time. Timers should be persistent.
Any thoughts?

Has any progress been made in this regard?
Surely we cannot be introducing and selling a user interface on a state-of-the-art product without a date/time picker?

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Not having a Date Time picker in both groov and PAC Display is definitely costing sales.
We wind up having to develop in other environments that make customers wonder why we don’t just use some other system. Most of our customers deal with dates and times in one form or another.

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I have the same experience as Norm. We see PAC Display on life support and groov just isn’t capable enough in a lot of situations - it’s great that it is all html5 and works in a web browser without plugins, but it lacks the tools we need to build robust HMIs in a time efficient manner for anything but small projects.

I really hate saying this because I would really like to see it succeed!

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Thanks for continuing to make noise on this everyone! It helps prioritize stuff!


If y’all wouldn’t mind, I’ve started a general thread to expand on the “what’s missing” idea: What do you feel is missing in groov View?

If there’s anything in particular you need that we’re not providing, lemme know!

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Couldn’t agree with Philip more. Cyrano, Factory Floor and now PAC Display have all been great sales tools. Because they let us empower our customers, customers then get comfortable and are willing to try Opto22. Today we have more competition than ever and we often have to build demos around the projects a customer may have in mind, rather than the old “Demo Center” model. This type of targeted sales has proven to work for our group. But it is time consuming and expensive for us compared to traditional and obsolete “Distributor” models. So from where I sit PAC Display needs to continue with refinement and improvement (glad to see recent progress in that area). We also need groov to do much more than it does now, sooner rather than later, and bug free :wink:

I’m evaluating Groov as an end user. I agree with this post. I’m ready to switch to a different platform because of the limitations mentioned above:

  • No dynamic pointers to access arrays
  • No tables
  • No combo / dropdown boxes
  • No date/time picker
  • Range, image and gauge indicators have fixed range and color ranges (should be able to link to a tag)
  • No gauge enable, visible properties (which also should be linked to a tag)

It is a shame. It is a very nice product. But, only for very simple applications.

. I find PAC Display

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Still on the cards - or is it in place and I just don’t know about it?

The date time gadget’s still on the feature request list.

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