Groov build layout does not match view display

I just edited a page where several links are aligned in a column. I added a new link with the same size as the others and consistent spacing. When I switch to the view, the spacing of the new link is not what is displayed in build.

What I see in build:

What is displayed in view:
(I cannot share more than one image per post as a “new user”)

Anyone else experience this?

What I see in view:

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Ignore this post, check the one below it.

I wanted to see this using your words…
Here it is in build mode.

And here it is in view mode.

Here is what I think might be happening…

The old links had their spacing reduced from default.
The new link you just added has the default spacing.
Here is an attempt at a screenshot showing it…

If you click and drag the resize handle, you can see how will change the padding around the text.

Also, have a look at the text size setting and see if its ‘auto’ or something else for each of the links.

Hope that helps get you aligned.

Oh, wait. No… Ignore my last post. I see it now… or rather don’t see it…

The ‘LH Carter Gas Separator’ is missing (invisible) in your second screen shot.
That means that gadget does not have a page to navigate to, so it blanks out in view mode.

Take a look at that links link in build mode and ensure its pointing to the correct page and you should be up and running.

Ha! good catch. thanks.