Groov Box Data Limit


I am new to the forum and just recently i convinced our company to order a Groov Box for trending data and storing that data in a database using the REST API. I have been looking through the other forum questions and i have not quite found the answer. My question is what would be the limit if I took a OPCUA tag and 1) trended it for at least 30 days 2) used it in about 3 locations on the GUI 3) Sent that data to a REST API(which i will be learning more about soon). Approximately how many data points could I do all of this with?

Probably should be fine with 30-40 points… the reason its a bit low is because you are going to have 90 days for every point, 3X30… I have to ask, its a bit odd to have the same trend in 3 locations in the same project…
Is there something we can help with the navigation or page layout to bring that back to 1 trend location per point?

It’s not that odd. I have the same data point repeated on multiple trend charts. I have several points like that. For example, I have my house suction pressure on every individual room trend (12 trends total). It’s helpful to trend this with other room data in observing operation and diagnosing problems.

A few things:

  1. We unique the tags in your trend before scanning them: if you use the same point in 50 trends, it’s still only going to be scanned once per update. Using the same trend in multiple pages doesn’t have any penalty associated with it.
  2. We do store some data redundantly though: the same tag used with a different retain period/update rate will have its data stored multiple times.
  3. Updates are currently fixed in the scanner at once a second, regardless of what your trend’s update period is set to. We just discard the updates we don’t need.
  4. As of groov View 3.5, that uniquing extends to tags in use in Pages or Events as well. Doesn’t matter how many times you use a given tag in your project, we’ll scan it once per second.
  5. The next feature release of groov View is focused on making the scanner more configurable. Among other things, that means you’ll be able to set a per-device scan rate, so it’s not going to be locked to once a second anymore.

When will the next feature be out? I wont necessarily have to log each point for 30 days. I could do a week. I was more concerned about the combination of trending that point and using it in several widgets and also sending that point through a Rest Api. I would also only have it trending in one location. Thank you all for your feedback. As a new Opto 22 user I am glad to know there is a community of people to help out.

I totally misunderstood your original post. Ignore my reply.

I’m aiming for late September/early October.

Will it be able to scan faster than 1 sec? Perhaps in the 1/10 sec. realm? Faster?