Groov Bandwidth Usage

Hello all,

Is there anyway I can monitor Groov’s Bandwidth usage without having access to the router on the network? Like is there anything that groov does to monitor it’s own bandwidth? Or can I manage it with a PAC?

Any suggestions would be great.

Oooo, great question, but I have to ask why?
What problem are you trying address?

No problem per se, but rather more of a curiosity thing. We have a lot of Demo Groov boxes set up and some people would like their boxes to be setup on a wireless gateway of sorts. People are looking to know how much its going to cost them per month in general to keep that maintained.

I also am genuinely curious about this informaton.

Sorry to bump, but did you have any suggestions?

Actually, @Beno or @mstjohn is there a community string for the groov box? I can use a bandwidth monitor that way if it has one.

Sorry for the delay, life got in the way.

Short answer. groov, at the moment, does not have a community string.
It also does not have a way to directly monitor its bandwidth.

If you are running groov server for windows, there might be a program that will give you that information.
If you are running on a groov Box, other than a router or a managed switch, we have nothing to show the data use.

In general, its a good question, and the the answer is dependent on what tags and gadgets are on the page and how many clients are viewing each page.
10 text gadgets with one client, not so bad.
4 HD video gadgets and 10 clients… ooooo, better have deep pockets for that months data usage. (An engineer that may or may not work at opto may or may not have left for the night with his browser open streaming said 4 HD cameras allll night streaming over a 4G cellular modem).

Best bet. Managed switch. Pretty cheap these days and you can get all the data you need via SNMP.

Snicker, I may or may not have an idea about who did that and what cameras were streaming, but I digress.

There’s also my favorite tool for checking out what’s going in/out of your device, Wireshark. If you have groov Server for windows (even the free trial) running on the same PC as Wireshark it’d be easy to get an idea for the amount of traffic a certain page uses. Also keep in mind that trends are getting data even when you’re not looking at that page.

BTW, if you’ve not seen this helpful blog on Wireshark, check it:


No problem. I had a feeling it would come down to that. It’s going to be an interesting journey trying to peg the average bandwidth consumed. Thank you for your prompt and informative responses!