Groov backup times out

When I attempt to do a backup of groov with trend data on an Epic PR1, I get a 504 gateway Time-out. If I do a backup without trend data there is no problem.

What firmware version is the EPIC running?

It’s version 2.0.1-b.84

Thanks. Trying to see the same issue here…
If I could bother you just a little more… roughly how many trends does your project have?
I am just wondering if its a volume (amount) issue or if something else is happening.

I was thinking the same thing, we have 30 trends, with 2-4 data sources each, about half have 10 second update intervals 10 with 1 minute update intervals and the rest are 10 minute.

Ok. I see it… I have a large project with 62 trends. Its about 35mb in size and it times out and gives me a 504 error.
I will take it up with the software guys.
Do you have an SSH license for your EPIC? If so we might be able to talk you through extending the timeout value. That’s the only workaround I can think of for the moment. (The most important thing is that your project is backed up).

Yes, I have shell access, that would be great.

Hi Ben,
I need that work around too. This has been an issue on both Ar-1 and Epics.