Groov AR1 Project

I have an AR1 and I can’t log into it any more. It has been powered off for about a year. I can get into the admin part of it. That seems to work, but I’m interested in the project that was last loaded to it. I use the username and password for the groov view and build, but it says “Incorrect username or password”. Can the AR1 lose the project that is loaded into to it if it were powered off for a year or so? Can I somehow get to the project from the Admin login?


The project is written to the hard drive, not flash ram, so no, the project can not get lost.
Its worth popping the battery out and making sure its 3v. If not, replace it.
Then, set the time from groov Admin. I have head of issues logging in if the date and time is not correct.
Other than that, no, there no other way to log into the project (that I know of).
You will need to dream a dream of what your user/pass is…

I believe I am using the correct username and password. If it won’t work, can I reset the AR1 so I create a new project?

To reset it to factory defaults just turn it off, then hold down the power button for about 8 seconds. The SYS LED light will start blinking red and green. It’ll take a few minutes, then power off. Press the power button again to start it back up.
You will need to make your admin account again and your groov Build account.

I will do that. Thank you.