Groov AR1 not Displaying Trend Data

I have three identical AR1 boxes installed with the exact same build. I recently tried to view the data in a trend I have set up. It seems it can’t load the data for any of those screens. I always get the yellow exclamation graphic. The other 2 work just fine. Is there a part that stores the data on the AR1 that maybe be damaged?

Things have changed pretty drastically in how we store trend data in the last couple of releases. Can you share any more information about it?

  • What version of groov is running on those AR-1s?
  • Do you get any information if you click on the yellow triangle?
  • Have you looked in groov’s logs (accessible from the Help menu in groov Build) to see if there’s anything in there?

Is it a classic or interactive trend?
If interactive, what time span and what sample rate?

Groov Image Version : 25
Groov Admin : 1.570.43
Groov App Version : R3.2a (r36783) August 1, 2016 2:56 PM
Hardware Date : December 31, 2013

When I click the yellow triangle is says this error: “A value has not been received yet. groov is trying to connect to the controller or server.”

I just restarted the groov box and it works. In the future, will have to restart these periodically or what do you think happened?

You generally shouldn’t need to restart, but we have run into really hard to reproduce intermittent issues with OPC-UA connections. Is that what you’re using here?

If you do see your trend misbehaving again, it’d be interesting to see what happens if you hook up another gadget (just a Value or something) to the same tag. Does that second gadget get the same error?

On my project I have a total of 4 screens that display 1 trend per page and within each trend all 4 pens are being used. Three of the screens are exactly the same except the data displayed. However, on the forth screen, there is a trend and two set points. The values for the two set points were displayed, but the pens aren’t. So it seems to me it has something to do with where groov stores/retrieves the data. Each trend is only an hour worth of data and pulled every 5 seconds. We will keep an eye on it.