Groov Ar1 Interactive Trend Issue

I am having a problem with my Trends. The spot where the line is missing still has data points i can see when i put the cursor over but the line is in and out. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Yeah, that happens sometimes. The chart drawing library we use tries to detect where there are supposed to be gaps in the lines when data’s missing, and it sometimes gets confused. It’s on the list of things I want to address, just haven’t had time to get to it yet.

It sometimes helps to just change your zoom level a bit, or if you don’t need more than 7 days, just use a Classic trend. There are way fewer moving parts on the Classic trends, and they’re a bit more solid as a result.

Yes i noticed That if i adjust the trend to 1 day i can see everything and if i adjust it to all I only have one little mark.