Groov AR1 - Change Snap-Pac IP?

We have the Groov AR1 box that looks at a 7 Snap-Pac controllers network. Our oversight wants to change to another network – new IP addresses for all 7 controllers (and AR1). Will there be any issues with doing this reconfiguration with the groov view box? Is it simply a matter of changing the address, then on the groov “configure devices and tags” just change to the new IP addresses? Will tag database within groov still recognize everything properly?

Correct. You’ve got it! As long as all the IPs are together on the same subnet, everything should work fine.

As @Dan_Opto said, you should be fine to just change all the IP address of the controllers and adjust the AR1 network settings and then update all the device settings in groov View and you should be up and running.

I strongly advise you to BACKUP YOUR groov View PROJECT BEFORE making the change.
That way, if any controller does not talk to the project, you can go back and keep running while you figure stuff out.