Groov Appliance

I seem to be having problems with eth0 it has a static IP address setup similar to other devices (not duplicated) and I cannot access it from its hostname and i can only access it from its IP address from an unmanaged switch. I believe it is the device because this problem does not exist with any other device.
Thank you

Is it a AR1 or a PR1?
(Small and red = AR1. Black with a screen = PR1).

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Have you assigned a hostname in your DNS server? The AR1 and PR1 will attempt to automatically register its hostname through DHCP when it boots, but if you’re using static addresses there’s a good chance that won’t work.

It is an AR1. I have the PLC network on eth1 and the Computer network on eth0

Sounds like the DNS is the issue. Try and set the gateway and DNS server to static as well.

I dont have access to the DNS server. I had it set for DHCP at first and it didnt work then with the host name. Now it is set to a static IP but it refuses connection from anything outside that unmanaged switch. But i have another device on the same subnet that is accessible.

Ok i found the issue, When i set the static IP address i accidentally set the IPv4 Gateway to the same static IP. I set that to obtain IP address for the gateway automatically and that resolved my issue. Thanks for your help I really do appreciate it!