Groov Android App (mobile access) broken?

The groov app on Android acts like it is connecting and then throws this error:
Load Failed for https://[groov address]
Failed to connect to, or receive data from https://[groov address]/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff?
I can’t get a screen shot, the errors clear and then I get a blank screen. I am also having problems accessing it from Firefox on my android phone. I just get a blank page when I request the desktop site.

What version of groov View? Does it work properly from a normal browser?

I am also having problems accessing it from Firefox on my android phone. I just get a blank page when I request the desktop site.

Does it work when you don’t request the desktop site?

View v3.01
Firefox mobile:
It doesn’t seem to be honoring the desktop request, but when I select a different screen from the drop - down menu the other pages besides my “home” page work.
FF v65.0.1

groov tries to be responsive nowadays, so the “Request Desktop Page” thing might not work. The code we use to determine which layout to display is:

if (userAgent.contains("mobile") && !userAgent.contains("ipad")) {
	// This is sort of a legacy behavior, but the mobile apps and Manage rely on it. If the user agent contains
	// mobile, and it's not an iPad, we always want to display the mobile layout.
	return LayoutType.MOBILE;
else {
	return (pageWidth <= HANDHELD_WIDTH_CUTOFF) ? LayoutType.MOBILE : LayoutType.DESKTOP;

So, if Mobile shows up in your user agent, we’ll show the handheld view, otherwise we check the viewport width. If it’s <= 480 points wide, we display the handheld view, otherwise desktop.

Which version of groov are you running on your server?

Forgot about this one, added a feature request.

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Just saw this pop up from the engineer who’s responsible for the mobile apps:

Got 3(!) Android groov View product support issues. Seems customers had an Android OS update and now can not connect. Not quite sure what is going on here. Need to investigate

It’s not just you.

Possibly related: internally we’ve been seeing a weird situation where Chrome decides it doesn’t fully trust our certificates, and it’ll load the main page, but sometimes it won’t load some sub requests, like for JavaScript or CSS or even font files. I generally have to suggest switching browsers at that point.

The Android app works by wrapping Chrome though, so if that’s what we’re running into, we’re kind of stuck until Google fixes it.

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Groov server is a beta, 4.1b.

After updating an Epic to 1.3.1 I noticed that the latest droid App V3.02 wont pass the log in credentials through to the Epic.

Norm. Just tested it here and its working for me.
What is your network configuration (roughly) and what is the error from groov View?

Hi Ben, now I am not sure it was related to an upgrade at all. It is happening on a unit on 1.30-b60.
It worked fine last week and now doesn’t. I suspect if I reboot it all may be well. Unfortunately these are so slow rebooting that I cant do it as casually as PAC’s so I will have to schedule it.
I will pm you so you can see what I am talking about. This unit (like all of our deployed devices) are behind routers. This one is using 443

BTW, if any one else hits this issue of not getting automatically logged in, but rather just getting the groov View log in screen…
Here is the KB article;

We have a beta fix in the works, and it should be on the Google Play Store as soon as we can.