Groov and SoftPAC

Can a GROOV-AR1 read a strategy that is loaded to SoftPAC that is on your local network?

Also, can you secure a strategy (.ssd file) and load it to SoftPAC?


In the groov AR1, the SoftPAC Controller is just configured as usual, so just configure the device as an Opto Controller, put the IP address of the PC running SoftPAC and point groov to the .idb.txt file. Everything works as expected.
What you cant do (just yet) is use the Node-RED PAC Nodes to read from SoftPAC.

To my knowledge, the SSD encryption is tied to the hardware of the PAC controllers, the PC does not have the same hardware… But to be sure, I will ask around tomorrow when I am in the office.

Hmm, I tried the IP address of the computer that is running SoftPAC. It doesn’t see it. SoftPAC is running at on the PC with an IP address of In Groov Build it points to I get exclamation points on all my gadgets. Is that how you set that up?

Yep. That’s how I have it at the office and at my house.

Is the Windows Firewall on?
If so, you might have to allow port 22001.

What does clicking on the yellow warning tell you?

It was the firewall setting. Thank you Ben.
At the moment I’m revisiting sending emails from SoftPAC and an R1 controller. I loaded the Certificate, saved to flash, then rebooted. I get error -443 on the R1 controller. On the SoftPAC controller I get error -58. I have been successful with this feature about 6 months ago on an R1 controller. It is set up exactly like the one from 6 months ago.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Error -58 isn’t even listed in the help.

I checked about SSD and SoftPAC. No. It will not work.

Ok. So after I load my strategy to SoftPAC and then delete PAC Control can anyone see or edit my strategy that is loaded to SoftPAC?
I was planning on using SoftPAC and an R1 to split up the duties of my control process. Once I leave that computer with the client, I know the .ssd file loaded into the R1 is protected but what happens to the file that is loaded to SoftPAC?

Just don’t save the archive on the softPac. There is no way to recover a binary strategy running on a controller.

Edit: You could load the archive in an encrypted zip file using PAC manager, just so it’s there in case of emergency.