Groov and ip camera

Use groov, when multiple users use the browser (Firefox) to access a ip camera at the same time, the image will flicker. Is this normal?

Be sure and use groov in Proxy mode. Other wise all the clients are connecting to the camera and it may overload the camera software.
Refer to the groov user guide about proxy mode for more information.

My groov_ser_win has not arrived, I am using groov in the trial mode. using the IP camera in the groov, when many people browse a IP camera at the same time, the image flashes. The same problem when using the groov proxy.
I installed groov_ser_win on the PC, using the Firefox browser in the same PC, while in another PC also browse the same page, the problem appears. Is it a trial mode issue?

Trial mode is fully functional for 2 hours. There are no feature or speed limits on the trial. It just cuts out after 2 hours.

There sounds like some network or speed issues with your setup.
Contact support so they can help you review your configuration from end to end.
We have many cameras working in Firefox here and there is no flicker.

Why does PAC display have no IP camera video display feature? Some customers now attach great importance to image and data acquisition.

Pac Display does have IP camera video display feature.

The feature is documented on page 103 of the PAC Display Users Guide (Doc 1702).

(E) (Pro only) URL window options.
URL—Type the URL of the target webpage.
Refresh Every ___ sec.—To refresh the webpage at a specific interval, type the number of
seconds in the text box. This is useful for updating static images like a weather radar or images
from a security camera.