Groov Alert not Triggering

I have an alert setup to trigger when a digital output point turns on and when it turns off.

Doesn’t work. At least it won’t send the email. I’ve tested the SMTP settings, they’re correct and send the test email.

I set the exact same thing in my lab with the same Groov project and the same strategy.

Works fine.

Here is the event log from the one that worked:

Here is the one from the one that didn’t:

The only difference is the one that worked was triggered from a tag in Groov, the one that didn’t was triggered from the strategy. The one that didn’t trigger the alert did trigger the output and turn on the pump.


On the one that doesn’t work: does that tag stay true as long as the pump is on? We only scan once a second, so things that are only very briefly on can be missed.

It stays on as long as 12 hours. I’m going to test some other alerts today to see if it’s more widespread. I’ll keep you posted.


I restarted the Groov and now everything works.

The firmware version is 3.5b if that helps.

Ah, got it. There’s a known issue that can cause scanned values not to update sometimes. We have a release coming up next Friday (May 18th, along with the new EPIC system) that includes a fix for it, but there’s also a beta available if you contact product support.

It’s addressed by KB87320.

This seems to be addressing a problem with gadget display. My event trigger is based on the value of an I/O point coming from an OMR6 digital output. How is that related?


They share the same scanner system, along with trends. If updates get dropped on the floor, the events won’t trigger.