Groov Alarm Acknowledgement

How do you guys handle alarm acknowledgement in the groov? It looks like alarms are designed to be through the “Events” functionality?
Do you have a ack button in the main groov pages and have to write an alarm system by hand?
If so, any sample code out there?

I’m trying to make the groov the sole UI for my system and want to make sure I can resolve this issue before I get too deep.


No built-in functionality for it yet, unfortunately. It’s been on the todo list since we shipped events, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. :frowning:

@Andy_Thomson Alarms can be a bit involved, or very simple, it all depends on how you are going to approach and use them.
The hospital was very detailed and complex. We had an alarm chart just to handle generating and clearing ‘events’. There was a documented procedure for every alarm that could be generated. That document was signed off by two people and the alarms were tested twice a year for both generation and resolution.

Also, you need to think about if you want your alarms to sound 24x7, or just office hours? What happens on vacation weekends when there is no one around?
Is there an on call schedule? Do the alarm phone numbers ever change?
Do you want to re-alarm if they are not responded to in a set amount of time.
Do those re-alarms need to be escalated? In other words, does someone else need to be alerted?
Do you want your alarms and their responses to be logged? groov does this for you, but do you need to print them out and retain them for example?

How are the alarms generated? Just email or text from groov? Do you ever turn on a digital output that has an alarm sound or red light?

These are just some of the things to consider when talking about adding a single alarm point.

Hi Andy,
Like Ben suggested my customers use an alarm handling chart to keep track of what is going on. If you are logging to a database via Opto DataLink or Node Red you can also log the state of an integer variable used to keep track of the ack response. This variable can also be used to inhibit the transmissions of further alarms until the issue is resolved. Here is a sample groov screen showing alarms (in red) waiting for acknowledgments:

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