Graphic Transparency

Has anybody been able to keep transparency in their graphics from Adobe to PAC Display? Here is a sample of the graphic. I need the green to be transparrent.

Hello pacifickiln,

Welcome to the forums! Thanks for the excellent question. My favorite Opto 22 graphics guy says:
[INDENT] 1. From Adobe Illustrator, export the graphic as a wmf or an emf.

  1. Then in PAC Display, choose Edit -> Paste from File -> Import Metafile.
    Choose either emf or wmf, depending on the format type created in step 1.
    [/INDENT] I’ll attach his sample PAC Display project…

Good question. Thanks for asking.

-OptoMary (4.93 KB)

I talked to Josh on the phone this afternoon, and he said the same thing. I am using Adobe CS5. It doesn’t seem to have the option to do a save as or export to a WMF or EMF file type. I tried to save to a jpeg file. When I go to past into PAC Display it gives me an error “invalid file type”.


Are you using Illustrator or Photoshop? From what I understand, you need to use [B]Illustrator[/B] (not sure about versions) to be able to export the metafile (EMF or WMF), which is the file type necessary for that transparency you seek.

Once you have your file, you should be able to do: Edit > Paste from File > Import metafile.

In any case, if you’re still having trouble getting your file into PAC Display, I’d recommend contacting PSG.

Hope that helps!


The steps above worked great after all. The problem started with my files before I imported them into Illustrator. I started with a bmp file, and tried to get my graphics from that.