Getting Started - Turning On/Off Motor


I would like some help getting started. I will be using PAC Control Professional. The goal is to turn on and off a motor (clockwise and also counter-clockwise) to move a small piece of equipment up and down. The hardware will be a linear actuator non-capacitive stepper motor, a planetary gear DC motor, and a microswitch used to detect end of travel.

I am trying to investigate what functions and commands I would use to perform the actions of turning on, off, speed, distance, etc. Also, if there are any existing examples related to what I need, I would be appreciative of those links.

Thank you all in advance.

How are you planning on “talking” to this motor? Simple digital I/O? Modbus to a drive? Something else?

We will be using digital I/O. If other components need analog, we will use that also.

If you are controlling the stepper motor - there is a module that is designed for that:

There are also encoder input modules if you need precise feedback.

Depending on the stepper motor and more so its controller (if it has one), you might be able to use the step and direction module;
The micro switch for end of travel, I would use the module as you can wire the switch straight into the module, no extra wires/power needed.

As far as code goes, just break it down like you do with your other projects, draw it out as a flow diagram and the PAC Control code will be very close.

Thank you for the direction Phillip. I am looking into it and doing my homework/research!

Appreciate the direction Beno. I will flow it out first as you suggested.