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Getting Automatic Updates from Opto 22

Getting Automatic Updates from Opto 22

What’s the best way to find out when firmware and software updates are released, or when there’s a new OptoKB article, etc?

I work here at Opto and like to know about everything that’s going on as it happens. I’ve found that using Opto 22 Subscriptions is an easy and complete way to stay in sync with everything I need to know. Opto 22 Subscription messages are streamlined so you won’t get overwhelmed with too much info.

You’ll receive one E-mail message each day when there’s new info to report. The message is sent at night, so you’ll have it when you arrive to work in the morning. It’ll provide a short summary and link for each topic so that you can quickly scan through the list to see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

The e-mail comes from ‘’, so if you have a spam filter, be sure to add this address to the ‘approved senders’ list.

Here’s a link to the info to get started:

When I first got started with our subscriptions, in order to gauge how much info I would get, I selected the check-boxes for the following topics:

‘All Download Categories’
‘All Document Categories’

I figured I’d see what was useful to me, and then scale back to just the categories I needed. However, the system is so streamlined, I’ve continued to use those settings.

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