Get the EPIC DI/DO module state in PAC Control


The PAC Control can use the Get HDD Module Status command to move the state of the SNAP HDD module to an integer variable. So how do we move a EPIC DI/DO module state to an integer variable?


What error do you get using the same command?

EDIT. Just tested it myself and yeah, I see the problem, the EPIC I/O does not show up at all in the list.
I will let the software engineers know and we will see about getting an update pushed.


Update: This command will not be activated for a few months yet.
We require time to add it to the EPIC firmware file and put it through the QA process.


Hi Ben,

Have any update information from QA process?


Sorry for the delay getting back to this… I wanted to get a better feel for where it was at…

Its still being worked on by the software guys. It was not a trivial task to add the new commands and document them.
It is not yet in the QA cycle, so a release with these ‘new’ commands is still a work in progress.
(BTW, we are trying to release groov EPIC firmware updates once a quarter with patches as needed).