Get Data Into Groov View or SNAP PAC from MSSQL

Hi Team,

I am Using Groov EPIC PR1 controller and my requirement is to read the data from MSSQL table and send it on either SNAP PAC or Groov View.

Can anyone share the document or suggestion that how can i achieve this.

Welcome to the world of Node Red.

you will need to use Node Red to achieve this. The MSSQL node in Node Red is quite easy to use and Terry has made some good videos on using Node Red and SQL. Please watch:

You will just need to do it in reverse but the principles are the same.

Hi Jakes,

Thanks for the reply.

I had tried to do reverse but some how it didn’t work.
Anyway, if you have any supporting documents of the same then i will be great.

Do you wish to simply execute a query to return a single value from MSSQL? Or perhaps run a stored procedure to return an array of values?

We (and indeed many others) are doing this exact thing. If you have not done so already, get up and running with Node-RED and install the groov and MSSQL nodes and import some test flows. Just try to get familiar with Node-RED and then we can help you from there.

Hey grant,

I just want a single value, I had try to do these many times but somehow it didn’t work.

If you have this flow then please share it with me.

please share your flow with us, perhaps we can assist

Hey Jakes
Please find attached zip file. (950 Bytes)

I looked at your flow

1 - what type of data is the table in SQL? (VARCHAR/INT/FLOAT)
2 - send us the errors you are getting straight from the SQL node so we can see if the connection to SQL is established and what data you are getting
3- you will need to manage the data from the payload before inserting into pac

It’s very difficult to support something like this via forum without seeing your debug errors

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Thanks Jakes For the reply.

After define payload value i am getting the value into either SNAP PAC or Groov View.

Thank you again.

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well done! Nothing like moving forward

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