Get current showing PAC Display Historical Log File Name

Hello, I’m coding an application that will generate a report of Trend data and the image, would like to know is there any feature or function that allow us to get the current historical trend log file name that is showing in PAC Runtime?
Thank you.

Could you generate the name from your strategy so you know what it is?

Hmm, I can’t find a function from PAC Control that return the name, user is selecting the historical log file(any file he want) to view the graph in SuperTrend. I’m trying to figure out how to know which file he is viewing.

Ahh, okay, this is for supertrends - don’t think you can specify the file name for those. What is it you are trying to accomplish?

Thanks for the reply, I’m trying to create a report generator for the PAC which can allow the user to generate a report while viewing the supertrends. I found an alternative way to solve my problem, I’ve created an application for it. I get the folder instead of getting the name, then allow user to select the log file he/she want, then generate it with a excel/pdf file that merged the log data and graph.