Gateway (DFE33B) with Ethernet/IP protocol in PAC Control


Have someone worked with SEW Inverters? They use a gateway (DFE33B) with Ethernet/IP protocol and I don’t know how to use it with PAC Control.

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I suspect that @greichert and perhaps @Arun might have some thoughts on this question…

I would assume the SEW drives are EtherNet/IP “Adapters”. Rockwell/A-B PLCs are “Scanners”, and most all other EtherNet/IP speaking devices (drives, I/O systems, etc.) are adapters. This is the case for PAC Controllers. With regard to PAC Control software, there is no EtherNet/IP Scanner driver.

If you can consider using a groov EPIC or groov RIO, these devices can use CODESYS as the programming software (IEC 61131-3 style). CODESYS has an EtherNet/IP Master “SL” (software library, a.k.a. driver) available that is supported on groov.

Another option, if possible, would be to get a Modbus-TCP board for the SEW VFD. PAC Control indeed has a Modbus-TCP Master toolkit (a.k.a. driver).


Thank you @Beno Thank you @Arun for your reply. I will consider both options. I have not tried Codesys yet. Would it be possible to have both Codesys and PAC Control running in the controller? I mean I could use Codesys to get data to read and write to the Inverters and still have my main strategy in PAC Control.

No, you can only have one control engine running on the EPIC at any time.

If you really need to keep your existing PAC Control strategy and don’t want to convert it over, you might be able to look at Codesys running on a RIO to talk EtherNet/IP.

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