FYI, Pac Control 4.0a

This involves Pac Control and latest firmware on an Epic controller with 4 IO modules installed. The specific problem occurred on a GRV-ODCSRC-24.
I was working with Julio when we found a minor issue in Pac Control where it is possible that the IO configuration does not fully update. The result is error messages when it is run the an “point mismatch” has occurred, Even moving the IO points did not update the point and did not resolve it.
Turns out the workaround is easy, in Pac Configurator, open the IO points and change the feature and save it. Then go back in and reset the feature to the correct one. In this case, I set it to TPO then set it back.
The problem will be apparent, because in Pac Control in the “Configure IO Modules and Points” dialog with the module expanded, the Subtype/Feature will indicate a “simple digital” point type when in fact this module was actually a smart module with the TPO feature and quality reporting. Once you have changed it, saved it changed it back and download it, the proper configuration will show up in both Epic and Pac Control and no error messages will be reported.
Apparently, something in Pac Control is not updating properly when the module type is changed from another type. We are not certain of the cause, but the previous text for work around works fine.

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