Fuse with grv-omris-8

I am planning to use the omris-8 module to control 120Vac relay coils. Question: is this an appropriate application?
Problem: I am having trouble locating (fuse holder and fuse with indication (120VAC)) or (electronic C/B) for these channels.
Appreciate your help!

With flyback diode suppression, yes, the mech relay module will work just fine.
There is really nothing too special about the fuse you’d use, I’d go with a fuse vs a circuit breaker, but don’t know anything about your application beyond the word ‘relay coil’… sounds like you are going to use the EPIC module to switch a pilot relay for a bigger load.

The bottom line is to get the specs on your relay coil and size a fuse to suit it.
Not sure if you are looking for something din rail mounted or terminal mounted etc.
I’d guess something around 1 amp or so?
I am pretty sure you can get terminals with fuses and diodes… @philip might know…

Thanks Beno for your quick reply.
The relay is a Phillips RLY2245. Have not found the coil ma rating but I have seen a spec of 3.4KOhm implying about 30ma. I have 20 of them.
Agree - a fuse would be preferred over a circuit breaker
I would like to use DIN mounted fuse holders - I find a lot of them with indicators for 24Vdc loads, but not for the 120Vac loads.
Any advice where to look would be appreciated.

Search for 250V din fuse holder as that is what they will be rated for typically. May be more difficult to find with an indicator though. No flyback protection is needed for AC switching. I would use a 1A fuse, or 2 amp circuit breaker at the power source to all the relay coils if a common circuit protector is acceptable.

Man, flyback diodes on AC… what was I thinking?
Thanks for the input @philip

Fusing the whole module or fusing each load is an interesting topic… Lose all outputs or just the faulty one…
Your call @James_R_Talich

Maybe too test that the fuses work? :joy:

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Thanks Philip for your advice!
In my situation I am using 20 OMRIS channels, NC contacts in the path that is latching 20 sensing relays (RLY2245, probably not much risk to the OMRIS-8). Opening the OMRIS contact will unlatch the relay == resetting an alarm.

One or 20 fuses: All 20 RLY2245 are connected in series to create an interlock circuit - If any one of the 20 relays are engaged, the result is shutdown of High voltage, so the issue of one fuse bringing down the remaining 19 is not an issue.

The indicator would be nice but not a show-stopper.

Thanks Again Philip!

No worries Beno. I freely translated flyback diode to “MOV” for AC. Probably not needed but would be an inexpensive feature to add to the system.

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