Fuel sender 33-240 Ohm connection

We need to find the best way to connect our standard 33-240 Ohm fuel sender to any groov epic card.

Curently wondering if we can use a rtd card.

Anyone has tried anything?

The Opto22 - GRV-ITR-12 - <p>Analog input, temperature/thermistor or resistance, 12 channels</p> card is cheaper and unless you need RTD inputs on the same card for other devices, the resistance inputs are a better match?


I have the GRV-IRTD-8 installed. I just want to make sure I will not damage anything…

that would be the correct way?

The wiring diagram shown in the data sheet and in groov Manage is correct. Yes.

Thanks for making me feel like an idiot.

have a good one :slight_smile: