FTP, 'vsftpd' application

Has anyone had success with installing and utilizing the FTP application ‘vsftpd’ on the Epic? Any tips/tricks to be aware of. Dave

We have a guide on our developer site;

Thanks, I have that document, I even think it is installed properly. I was actually inquiring of, which I forgot to get specific in the original post, where it describes how to change the ‘user’ directory to /home/dev/unsecured and then modify the permissions if needed in regards to customer access. I found the ‘vsftpd.conf’ file which listed many directory paths, but nothing popped out as the ‘user directory’. I didn’t want to go changing things without some direction.

Ben, Kinda tagging an old post on ‘vsftpd’ & EPIC. Could you use ‘vsftpd’ & a ‘Page Navigator’ linked as a ‘web page’ using the URL of 'ftp://[IP of the EPIC network] to access test data files stored in a created \Data in the \unsecured area of the EPIC? Would this open/display the contents of the \unsecured\Data folder?
Am trying to think of a method for an end user to access these saved test data files and possible save them to a USB for review on their laptop. We would be saving these test data files to the \Data folder via Strategy using a comm handle for that purpose. (from post ‘Add sub-directory to /unsecured’)
I don’t know if this is the right approach, maybe save them to the ‘Maria’ dbase? The user would not have access to Groov Manage, possibly a lab manager would, that needs to be determined. We’re trying to limit the end user access to the EPIC.
Thanks Dave

Dave. Interesting question.

I don’t think the vsftp Node is the right way to go about this. (Not the least reason is because it wont work)
I think it would be better to keep the end user in groov View.
RESTful end points exist for the file area, so it should be possible to use Node-RED to build a groov View list of files and then have the user select and copy from that list.

Let me look at it some.

Ben, Awesome


@torchard has built what you are looking for @DWatts
You can find his post here;

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