FTP keeps getting -450 error code

I have this bit of lines transferring a table to compare few results using FTP:

These lines sit on an Epic controller that have the following network information:


When a run the strategy I keep getting error -450: DNS could not resolve host name to an IP address and -52: Invalid Connection - not opened.

I have tested to access to the ftp server from a computer that is on the same subnet as the controller through a browser and it works just fine (the computer have the same network information including DNS servers)

Any insight as to why this error continue to persist? am I using an incorrect port? or the way I am approaching this is flawed? one thing to note here is that I can only access the controller from PC using its IP, when I use the host-name it doesn’t connect.

I’d like to see the result of a ipconfig on the PC that works Ok.
Your EPIC is on a 192.168.1.x network with a subnet of
But your FTP server is on
The .10.x is not going to resolve with the 255 subnet. Only .1.x IP’s are going to addressable?

I think I am mixing the network terms here.

The computer i used to access the ftp server got the following info:

should I reconfigure the ftp server to be under the same subnet mask for the controller to access?

I have discussed it with our IT system and they have done two things that resolved the issue and allowed the controller to find the ftp server

  1. changed the ftp server to identify by IP not by a host name on the ftp server end.
  2. the password for the ftp server has the character @ in it, it was removed from the credentials and replaced with something else.
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