FTP and Data Logging example strategy - old forum post

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FTP & Data Logging Example PAC Control Strategy

We have a new example PAC Control strategy called FTP and Data Logging. It is available on our Web site here:

Samples & Freeware

You can also get there by going to www.opto22.com, then choosing the Support tab, then the Downloads link (near the upper-left corner of the page), and then “Samples & Freeware” in the lower-middle section of the page.

The logic in this example strategy shows how to log data at a fixed interval, store the data in the controller temporarily, and then transmit the data as a file to an FTP server. Due to the nature of the application, the logic is also a good example of how to write code that is robust and handles errors effectively.

This example requires PAC Control Basic or Pro, version R8.0f or newer.

Starting with the PAC Project release 8.2003, this example is part of the PAC Project install.