Hello I am trying to force an “ODC5i” output using PAC-MANAGER I’m able to force the first 3 channels but channel #4 wont do it I replaced the module and the rack already but does not work am I missing something
thank you

Does the module work okay in a different slot?
Do you have any events set up?

it does work okay on a different slot and NO I don’t have event set up

replaced the whole rack including mudules (ODC5i)…did not work

Yeah, you said that in your first post. Did you try what nickvnlr told you on your other post about this? Plug your computer directly into the second network port on the EB1, make sure your computer can see it from PAC Manager, then unplug the network from the first network port on the EB1 (this will make sure your computer has an IP address on the same network as the EB1 provided there is a DHCP server on the network). Or you can set your computer to a static IP on the same network as the EB1.

If you still have the issue with the port after testing above- then I would reset the brain to factory defaults - as there is probably an event/timer/tpo/pid setup that you don’t know about. If it still acts up after that, then the EB1 is probably damaged.

best of luck

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Thank you Phillip I will try that…:wink:

Thank you phillip and nickvnlr I replaced the brain after troubleshooting it and it worked just fine with pac manager it looks like the brain when south on us…thank you again

Nice. Glad I could help. :+1: