Flows to use SNAP-PAC analog and digital I/O to trigger twitter alerts

Attached are two walkthroughs for setting up Node-RED flows for both multiple levels of alerts based on an analog channel and a simple alert from a digital switch.
I built these flows for the SNAP-PAC Learning Center potentiometer and photo sensor switch set up through the Convenience Store example strategy, with Node-RED running on a groov-AR1, but these flows will work for any instance of Node-RED connected to any SNAP-PAC system!

Here is what the end results look like:

Simple digital alert:

Analog multi-level alert:

There is another post with guides on how to build these equivalents with Email nodes, if that is your preference.

Happy coding!

Node-RED PAC twitter Alerts digital.zip (307.4 KB)
Node-RED PAC twitter Alerts analog.zip (465.5 KB)

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