Flow Meter for Water

Hi, I have a water storage facility operation, where I have a flow meter for water usage, I’m currently measuring the flow of water in gpm, how can I set it up for logging the water usage, like how many gallons where pumped yesterday, or last week, or for the whole month, etc?

Hi Toby! You should check out this post on Analog Totalizing - Analog Totalizing 101: calculating watt-hours example

Good Stuff, now i have that working that it totalizes the gallons and clears every monday, now I’m having problems trying to put the value for that week in a table and be able to download it?..Thanks

Hint, the forums search works really well…

This thread here talks about putting daily values into a weekly, monthly and yearly tables.

How you go about downloading it will depend on a lot of different things… what software you are running, what platform you are on etc. ie, we need more information before we can suggest some options.