Flow chart

Hi everybody i am building this strategy on a pump control system…question???
I am triyng to start a pump…lets say pump#2…but when the next the cycle start i want to start pump#3…instead of pump#2…and so on…the idea is turn on pump#2 and pump#3 in sequence…does anybody knows how to this on a flow chart…

Sounds like a good place for a pointer table. Have you seen this video Three Steps for Building Maintainable Code? (We talk a bit about using a pointer table in that video.)

Hi Benno74,

Not sure if I am reading your description correctly, but here is my first pass.

I assume that one pump has to start from the power up, so go ahead and start pump2.
First time through, pump 2 will be stopped and pump 3 will be started.
This is pretty ugly and horrible, probably should put a delay in after starting pump 2 on power up.
After the delay at the bottom of the chart, ie, as your first post states ‘when the next cycle start I want to start pump#3’.
You probably don’t have the delay, it more linked to the ‘cycle’, I just threw it in there so you could see what I mean.

Point is, each cycle, a different pump will be started and the old one will be stopped.

Lets know how close we got…



thank you guys I am going to try both scenarios…