Float Var. not persistent?

Has anybody else noticed float variables are not persistent even when setup as such? My int. variables survive reboots/power outages and strategy updates, but my float variables never do on my EPIC processors. Is this a bug or am I setting something up wrong?

I haven’t seen this issue. I am using control engine 10.3b and PAC Control 10.3

I am running a test right now. Let’s see what happens. I simply created a persistent INT and a persistent FLOAT, gave them a value and reset my controller…

Worked fine. FLOAT and INT both maintained their values. What firmware and software versions are you running?

Firmware 2.0.1-b.84
PAC Control 10.3a
I am using background downloading. Do you think that makes a difference?

Looks like something that was fixed a while ago - https://www.opto22.com/support/resources-tools/knowledgebase/kb85038

But I just tested it on my end, and you’re right, the FLOAT variable loses its value (back to 0) and the INT maintained. Looks like you may have found a bug. I will alert the developers.

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They must have missed the EPIC controller (It’s not listed).

That was a bug on SNAP PAC products (before EPIC was born).

Bug ticket submitted.
Thanks guys.

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