Firmware update problems

I have 2 controllers, 1 R-1 and 1 R-2 , they both have ver.8.5d firmware in them. When I attempt to update to 9.1b using pac manager neither one updates, the display says transfering firmware file but nothing else happens, I recently updated several other controllers without any issues, some R-2’s and EB-2’s. I have both controllers on a bench hooked up to a laptop and a switch running Pac Pro and Win7, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mike,

This sounds like a straight up support issue. Please send an email to and outline your issue.
The forums are more for exchanging ideas and ‘how tos’.

The guys over at Product Support are set up to take your issue, and work with you till its solved, you will get a ticket number in their return email so you (and they) can track the issue all the time.


There is a recent KnowledgeBase article that seems to address this problem as well.