Finite State Machine in PAC Control

I have a Groov EPIC on the way and would like to program it as a finite state machine.

What would be the best way to implement a finite state machine with PAC Control. Below is a state machine diagram as an example. Would I be better off using CODESYS?


You can implement a FSM in PAC Control just like you could in any general purpose programming language with the advantage of being able to see it a bit more visually. Here is my suggested layout to translate the state diagram you posted:


That’s perfect. Could you please send me the .idb file.

Thank you.

@Philip probably just drew it out and did not fill in all the instruction blocks.
With the chart screenshot as a guide, you should be up and running pretty smoothly.

I’m new to the PAC Control system. It would be much easier for me to have a running .idb file. Otherwise, I will be fumbling around and wasting the companies time.

Its often difficult to write other peoples code. Given we don’t even know what I/O you have, it’s almost impossible.

PAC Control is very easy to get up and running with.
Take a few minutes and do just a few of the starter lessons over at and you should be able to take the outline Philip has done and flesh it out for your state machine in a few minutes.

@Beno is correct, all those blocks are completely empty, I just threw that together as an example of what to do to help show you what is possible - it is not functional and I don’t think I even saved it to send it to you.

What some call “fumbling around”, others call “skill building”. :wink: I have done a lot of “fumbling around” and have been rewarded for it.

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