Feature Request: iframe in groov

I would like to be able to display another webpage in groov like can be done in PAC Display Pro.

Me too. (Very badly me and several customers too).
We have had this on the feature request list since groov 1.0

The devs (back then) said no… Reason is because the iFrame can not scale its content.
It would be the one gadget that would break the ‘groov scales gracefully’.

I see their point.


I would rather live with a scaling limitation than not having it at all. You have video gadgets and the contents don’t scale and I don’t think anyone would expect the contents of an iframe to scale anyways.

  1. I totally agree, better to have it since it is high demand and let each user deal with the scaling issues.

  2. Every. Single. One. Of my 40 to 50 video gadgets contents scale, so I would love to see how yours don’t!!!

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Sorry, what I meant by that, are that the video gadgets don’t/can’t scale like all the gadgets in groov that are vector. A 320x240 video source at 1280x960 is going to look bad.

For background, I’m wanting to show some graphing data that can’t be done in groov - I can supply png files to the video gadget from the graphing package, but they don’t look too great when sized larger than the source, particularly any of the fonts. Also, I want them to be interactive.

Ideally I would be able to point an iframe at it and have all the interactive features available as well.

Ah, right, looking good vs not working… Gotcha. Phew.

An iFrame gadget to embed whatever URL we need and let us work the rest out (how to make it look good/work on any screen size we are going to use).
We would also need a ‘refresh’ option on this one, some of the customers want things like weather radar, so it will need to be 'F5’ed at an interval. In your case, you wont need a refresh as your application takes care of that, you want full interactivity… As if the browser were open in groov. (BTW, an iFrame gadget is available in PAC Display Pro).

I will track down the original (now years old) request and see whats what.

Thanks Ben. Yes refresh would be good - there are probably other desirable features users would want: Navigation buttons? URL from a tag?

Check this out - uses the css transform feature to scale iframes:


I’m not sure if I would want this scaling feature enabled all the time though.