Favorite text editors / syntax?

I know a few of us here have talked about wanting more updates to the built-in OptoScript editor, which got me thinking…

Does anybody else pull there OptoScript into their favorite text editor? I was curious if anyone had syntax definitions for some of the more popular ones (Notepad++, Sublime, etc.)?

Sometimes when working on large chunks of script, I think it would be nice to use the code snippets and other abilities of something like Sublime Text, but still have everything nicely formatted/highlighted, and then paste the end result back into Control.

I have been toying with building an optoscript syntax definition for sublime text and started some initial research last week. It looks like the AAAPackageDev package that is now available will help greatly with this task.

Another great feature would be the ability to select a tag database file in sublime text for autocompletion : ). Not sure if we could do that with a syntax definition only or if an OptoPackage will have to be built.

That sounds pretty great, chris! I started building a definition awhile back, I’ll have to see if I can dig it up. I was having a little trouble getting it to catch the []'s on array indices. I do remember using AAAPackageDev though!