Factory Mutual Approvals?

Dear Opto,

I’m a big fan of the SNAP-AIMA-8 module because it’s relatively high density, but you can still connect directly to the screw terminals on the module without using a breakout board. However, we’re installing a panel that needs to be compliant with Class I Div 2, and it appears that only the AIMA-4 and AIMA-32-FM are FM approved. It seems to me that the electronics inside the AIMA-8 would not be so different from those inside the other two modules. What would it take to get an AIMA-8 module with the the little <FM> stamp on it?

Katie Gaston

Hi Katie,

I’ll pass along your request for getting FM approval for the SNAP-AIMA-8. Re: similarity to the SNAP-AIMA-4, bad news – the SNAP-AIMA-8 was released almost a decade after the SNAP-AIMA4, and the internal electronics are quite different.