Factory Floor, Iocontrol 7.1 charts

Hello to everyone,

I am new in opto and i have some questions.

My first question is: I ve done a cahrt export from factory floor and i want to import to iocontrol 7.1 is that doable? I try to do something like this and he programm tell me that i can do that.

Second question: is it possible to upload the program fron an SNAP UP1-M64?

Third question: can i write programm at SNAP B3000-ENET or is only remote IO?

Hello “autom” – welcome to the forums!

On your FIRST QUESTION: If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend you read Form 1692 about migration options from Factory Floor. In general (described in more details in that document), you need certain versions of FF & PAC Control (FF4.1 & PAC Control Professional) for the migration process. Although, since you’re asking about ioControl and a SNAP-UP1, I’m guessing you do not want to upgrade a whole system, just take some chart logic from one (older) strategy and put it into an Ultimate I/O? Remember that our [URL=“http://www.opto22.com/site/support.aspx”]Product Support is free, and happy to help too.

SECOND QUESTION: Getting a program from one of our controllers is possible ONLY IF IT WAS ARCHIVED on that controller. If you “Inspect” the controller from PAC Terminal (ioTerminal, OptoTerm), you should see a window that looks something like this:

Hopefully after “Archive:” you’ll see something besides the “No” pictured above. If you see a “Yes” there, you can use PAC Terminal (or similar) to upload that archived strategy from your controller.

When it comes to saving all your hard work done in that strategy, we’d recommend saving it everywhere, even someplace off-site (I like to email things to myself so they’re backed up on several servers). Here’s an OptoNews Tip on how to Back it up!

THIRD QUESTION: A SNAP-B3000-ENET does not run strategies, it is an I/O Unit.

I hope that helps!