Export SVG Image from the Symbol Factory to Groov

I found some nice graphics in the PAC Display Symbol Factory. However, when I export them to a .svg file and try to add them to Groov, there is a file but it’s not an image. I watched the video on working with SVG files but that is being done on a Mac. Is there something I need to do on my PC or in my browser? I was hoping the graphics would be independent of that as I’m looking to build an app I can distribute,



Our graphics guy here at Opto tried this as well some time back.
He found the Symbol Factory SVG format to rather old - you know what they say about standards right? Standards are great because there are so many to chose from…

There may or may not be a way to ‘wash’ the exported SVG from Symbol Factory to bring it up to date, or you may need to hand edit the SVG file… But at any rate, that’s the problem, its not groov, or your browser, its the old format.

Our free SVG library: http://groov.com/svg-library/
can be used by anyone w/a browser, mac/PC shouldn’t matter. Also, if it’s missing something you’d like, our talented graphic designer who built that often has time for requests so don’t be shy about suggesting an addition to that library!

I did look at the SVG library but all the good ones are in the Symbol Factory. Just kidding! :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did to fix it. I downloaded Inkscape, https://inkscape.org/en/, an open source graphics program in which you can edit SVG files. When I installed it, I associated the .svg extension with Inkscape. I then exported the Symbol Factory graphic as a SVG file, opened it in Inkscape, and then saved it again. That seemed to do the trick as I could then save it to my Image Library.

Inkscape is not for the faint of heart if your not a graphics person, which I’m not, but this little trick works.


Nice. Thanks for reporting back that Inkscape does the wash and tweaks the standard… Nice one.

(And yes, I have attempted to use Inkscape in a previous life (I know one of the primary developers) and wow, that’s some learning curve - but its an attractive option (free and cross platform) for a simple open -> save process).

Yah, just export them out of symbol factory as jpeg…

Btw guys, those of you who are saying to yourself, “man is this thing labor intensive…” I have one little tidbit that might help, I just discovered that you can select a whole set of objects that need the same tag and then select one tag for all. It works and if you have several object say several pilots that need the same tag that has several states, this will get you all of them tagged in one effort.

How many of you want “find and replace” for Groov?