Execute Menu Item: Add/Modify User Missing

I’m working on the PAC Display screens for our system, and I’ve globally hidden the default menu bar. (for both security and aesthetic reasons)

However, I do need to allow logged-in users with supervisor permissions to access the “Add/Modify User” option from the Security menu. I’d like to just add a button to do so, on a screen that only that user can access.

However, in the “Graphic Dynamic Attributes” menu for the button, under “Execute Menu Item”, that particular option doesn’t seem to be present. Every other item from the “Security” menu is there, but not that one.

Is there some other way to access that menu other than globally un-hiding the menu bar?


Hi, Daniel.

I’m glad you asked about the “Add/Modify User” “Execute Menu Item” option. Sorry, I haven’t implemented that yet. I will bump it as a priority. And hopefully we can see it in the next PAC Project release.

So in the meantime, yes, that leaves two imperfect options:

  1. Adding users via the Configurator, or
  2. Globally unhiding the whole menu in the Runtime and using the “Add/Modify User…” menu item.

Again, thank you for bumping this feature request so I can prioritize it. I’ll make sure to update you here when the feature will surely be in the next release.