Excel Macro: Add Variables to strategy

Say you have 50 machines, and you need to variables for each machine.
Example: Pressure, Temperature, Volume,
That would be

  • Pressure_M01 -> Pressure M50
  • Temp_M01 -> TempM50
  • Vol_M01 -> Vol_M50

Imagine you need to type everything… (And you call yourself automation engr)
Why not use excel, drag it, and concatenate it… Write a code in excel vba to run Opto22 CLI command to add variable.

That is what I did:

I will upload the file soon, if it is possible.


Do you have code samples for the same

Please use this Macro at your own risk, I will not be responsible for any damages.

PAC Add Variable Macro.zip (55.5 KB)

Thank you for this!
Is it also possible to populate I/O modules this way?